The company Vlatoks EOOD has the necessary professional and regulatory capacity to offer consultancy services to businesses, public organizations, departments and institutions in the field of IP communication and information technologies under the European funding programs.
It has an engineering potential that prepares conceptual, technological and working projects for:

- local information and communication networks and systems (municipalities, private business in the field of production and services, state structures and institutions, etc.);
- local structural cabling and integrated systems for technical security and information services (private properties, offices, hotels, establishments, etc.);
- technical security (wireless security, IP video surveillance and video surveillance, etc.)
- delivery of IP services over long distances over broadband high-speed wireless (VoIP, Internet, IP video, etc.);
- no web design and configuration of sites, logo, application documents, brochures, etc.
- Analog and digital systems for VHF radio communication and data transmission and telemetry information via radio channel, etc.