Delivery and installation



As a sales representative of AIRADIO NET SL, "Valtox" Ltd. supplies the full range of technical equipment, additional equipment and software to Motorola, Zetron, General Dynamics, Transcript International, Sun Wize Technologies, Fiplex "," TxRx sistems Ins "," Lambda "," Mobotix "," Agfeo "both for civilian purposes and for the needs of the army, police, customs, judiciary, healthcare and other public and public sectors. Delivery time varies from two to four weeks.
The installation of system solutions and self-contained equipment, their configuration, settings and commissioning are carried out by a certified service center on the territory of the country and the European Union. Each member of the workshop has the necessary knowledge and skills acquired in specialized training and qualification courses. Professionals performing complex and hazardous health assembling activities are insured with the Life Package - Allianz Dynamika. The software used in the installation is original and conforms to the client's desire for audience and independence.
Each installation is accompanied by the necessary design and technical documentation to facilitate the operation of the systems and for a longer period of time