Our Services

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Valtox Ltd. has the necessary professional and regulatory capacity to offer consultancy services to businesses, public organizations, departments and institutions in the field of IP communication and information technologies under the European funding programs. 

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Delivery and installation

As a sales representative of AIRADIO NET SL, "Valtox" Ltd. supplies the full range of technical equipment, additional equipment and software to Motorola, Zetron, General Dynamics, Transcript International, Sun Wize Technologies, Fiplex "," TxRx sistems Ins "," Lambda "," Mobotix "," Agfeo "both for civilian purposes and for the needs of the army, police, customs, judiciary, healthcare and other public and public sectors.

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Maintanance and Monitoring

"Valtox" Ltd. performs warranty and after-guarantee servicing and maintenance of all systems and products supplied and installed by the company.

The specialists of "Valtox" Ltd. have long experience in the technical support of information systems and arrays of small and medium sized companies as well as large corporate clients. The availability of guaranteed, highly qualified and effective assistance and rapid response is our top priority.

Our Products

Security Cameras

MOBOTIX provide high-resolution video surveillance systems made in Germany that ensure comprehensive security in a modern, networked world.   

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Digital Radio  

Professional Two-way Radios - Motorola Solutions

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Solar Energy

EUFREE solar panels by GWL – high quality solar panels with extended warranty to 30 years.